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Rachel & Ryan – An Oakland Kentucky Baptist Church Wedding

Rachel & Ryan – An Oakland Kentucky Baptist Church Wedding

Hello again, my dearests!  Today I am introducing you to another one of my #WeddingsByBillieJean couples, Rachel and Ryan!!

I had an absolutely AMAZING time capturing this sweet couple’s wedding back in February!  It was simply beautiful and designed to delicately but perfectly portray who these two awesome individuals are!  That is a key that I always stress to my Brides: Worry less about ‘how much’ decor you have at your wedding and worry more about ‘what decor’ you have at your wedding! You want to those fine details to tell a story about the both of you!  Take some time to pin down some subject or ideas that really describe and fit the both of you and then use that to design and imagine decorations specifically for your wedding day!

When asked about selecting the colors for her wedding day, Rachel stated, “I chose our favorite colors. Mine is teal and his is red then we mixed in gray to add another layer. We wanted simple, laid back but a little elegant. We aren’t super formal people.”  With this wedding being so close to Valentines Day, I adored that they also incorporated a touch of the classic color of love into their wedding day!


Speaking of selecting decoration and theme ideas that reflect who the Bride and Groom really are…

I will give you one guess as to what the groom, Ryan’s, last name is!! They made this lover of the Chimichanga eating, foul mouthed Merc, Deadpool, squeal with joy.  How fun is this?!

Following along with our details theme, when the bride, Rachel, was asked about how she selected her Bridal bouquet and flower decorations, she said “My grandmother and I made all of the flowers. We used silks because we could make them ahead of time and they are cheaper then live flowers. Plus everyone can keep their arrangement as a keepsake. I loved how they turned out, especially my bouquet. I’ve placed it in a vase to keep showing it off.”  

I am often asked if ‘fake florals’ are okay for wedding bouquets.  My answer is always the same, as long as it’s pretty, it will photograph well.  A bouquet of real flowers that is not put together correctly and in a complimentary manner to the theme and colors of your wedding decor, will not photograph well just because the flowers are real.  Keep that in mind when selecting this important aspect of your wedding decor!

Rachel had this to say about the most important part of planning and preparing for her wedding day, “To me it was getting Ryan involved. I didn’t want to make it completely about me. It was our day. One thing that helped me a lot was having my family help me with ideas. We would talk about what I liked and if it would even be feasible. That helped a lot with the stress.” 

It is so important to include your the Groom-To-Be in decision making for the wedding day!  After all, it’s his wedding too! <3

I also talked to Rachel about First Looks and if she was happy with their choice to do a First Look on her wedding day, “We did and I am. I feel like it helped us relax. It also gave us time to have more unrushed pictures of us. Plus we were able to visit with our guests at the reception much faster because of it.”

Rachel had the following advice for any Brides that are currently planning their own wedding day, “1.pick the non negotiable and let it be your most expensive thing. For me it was the photographer. I wanted to have amazing pictures to look back on. 2. Get your fiance involved because it will be a lot less stressful with help and you get to see both of you in the wedding. 3. The day goes a lot faster than you realize. 4. Things will go wrong but don’t worry about it. Most of the time only you know it was wrong. 5. Have fun and enjoy yourself. It’s special day to be completely surrounded by love.”

When asked about her experience as a #BJPBride, Rachel said, “I love how relaxed it was while working with Billie. Nothing was ever forced and I’m sure she has a lot more (than she gave us) of us laughing our head off. It was easy and felt natural while working with her. She even helped solve a couple of day of issues.”

Another day, another amazing wedding and even more amazing couple that I had the pleasure of working with.  I’ll never be able to thank each and every one of you enough for allowing the distinct honor of photographing these special moments in your lives!

With lots of love,

Billie Jean


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